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83HADES: Psycho

83HADES is a skinny white kid from Brooklyn-Louisville USA and does not look like someone that would make you feel unsafe. He is a tiny child but his music causes some real damage. 83 has managed to capture what a nightmare might sound like and packaged it into an amazing track. True genius. Wait for … Continue reading 83HADES: Psycho

Kublai Khan TX

To all the hardcore fans still desperately clinging to the early/mid 2000’s like it’s gonna come back just how you remembered it and you’re gonna be a scene king again in your gross early to mid 30’s…It’s over. Get over it you sad cunt. The haircuts were shit, the band t-shirts you wore were too … Continue reading Kublai Khan TX

Action Bronson: Amadu Diablo (Live Acoustic Version with Party Supplies)

I find it my duty as an Action Bronson fan to share this video as it gets harder and harder to find online (consider it a musical time capsule). Complex and all other major rap music publications have deleted this video from their websites promoting the release of ‘Blue Chips 2’ in 2013… It’s also … Continue reading Action Bronson: Amadu Diablo (Live Acoustic Version with Party Supplies)

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