What do Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page & Jeff Beck all have in common?

I work with my old man as a Stonemason. Call it a family trade. I truly love my job. You’re outdoors working with your hands, getting fit and being creative… But that’s not my favourite thing.. The best part about the job is firing up the speaker, yelling at each other and listening to rock n roll for eight hours straight five days a week, sharing stories and new musical discoveries.

And that’s how this came up….

What do Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page & Jeff Beck all have in common?

At some point they were all a guitarist in this band…

That’s correct. They were all members of The (fuckin) Yardbirds! The Yardbirds were an english rock band formed in 1963 that started out playing blues rock type stuff then (like a lot of other bands at the time) pivoted into a type of progressive rock n roll that became synonymous with the 60’s and paved the way for the punk rock bands that came years later.

The Yardbirds 1966 | Gered Mankowitz

This band acted as springboard for some of the most famous guitarists in rock history.

Eric Clapton (Yardbirds member 1963-1965)

Eric Clapton went on to become Eric Clapton (duh) and write music you could totally do cocaine to…

Jimmy Page (Yardbirds member 1966-1968)

Jimmy became the meat and bones of Led Zeppelin with guitar solos that could impregnate a woman from 30 yards away.

Jeff Beck (Yardbirds member 1965-1966)

Cool stuff huh.

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