Kublai Khan TX

To all the hardcore fans still desperately clinging to the early/mid 2000’s like it’s gonna come back just how you remembered it and you’re gonna be a scene king again in your gross early to mid 30’s…It’s over. Get over it you sad cunt. The haircuts were shit, the band t-shirts you wore were too small and looked ridiculous paired with a New Era flat brim and mosh shorts. I hope your gross 18 mil ear stretchers got infected and your head fell off before you got a chance to read this… But naughties hardcore fashion is another article within itself.

We are here to talk about the fact that I recently purchased a 2010 Ford Territory with a stereo that only allows radio or CD’s… No bluetooth…. This gave me a reason to rifle through my back catalogue of CD’s posted to me in a cardboard box from an un-named ex-girlfriend that managed to put up with me for two years before kicking me out (hats off to you un-named ex) thus discovering my old CD collection which consists of Poison The Well, Terror, Carpathian, The Warriors and other quintessential albums of the early-to-mid 2000’s essentially opening up a door to hardcore love I never thought I’d explore in my early 30’s. Let’s say my quarter life crisis arrived fashionably late.

An old pal (let’s call him @xThexOnlyxStillxStriaghtxEdgexGuyx) posted a story on Instagram with this song in the background and I fell in love instantly. How did I miss Kublai Khan TX?!?!

Their last album ‘Absolute’ released in 2019 is amazing and the lyrics cover current and relevant issues like drug abuse, organised religion and (a huge one) police brutality. But to be honest I don’t just look for lyrical content. One of my all time favourite songs is about ice cream for god’s sake (See Band: Eddy Current Suppresion Ring). What does it sound like as an overall package? That’s what I want to know…. Kublai Khan delivers…. The descriptive word I’ve chosen to apply to their most recent album is “meaty”.

Yes the shit is repetitive and all the songs sound the same but I like my hardcore like I like my punk, repetitive and predictable…. Love that… And if you don’t like that then you haven’t heard real hardcore you fuckin noob… If you want technical songs with acid induced guitar solos that ignore tempo and last for 12 minutes then go listen to Pink Floyd this is not for you.

Here’s a track from ‘Absolute’

A huge positive element that drew me toward Kublai Khan TX before even listening to them was the fact that they’re fro Texas… Fuck yeah… Guaranteed hard cunts…. And Texas is majority right wing…. Which is the new left wing…. And TX leans towards conservatism… Which is the new punk?… Look, I’m not going to pretend to understand American politics but fuck the left and the right, just read Kublai Khan TX lyrics and learn from them. That’s the side I want to win.

My only complaint with Kublai Khan TX is their film clips. You have this huge meaty sound that stirs up an untapped energy within you… Then you watch their film clips and they look like every other hardcore clip… Just kind of weak and nerdy and doesn’t seem to match the music attached to it… I’m not sure why this is and it’s not a theme that only applies to these guys… I seem to find the same issue with most great hardcore bands… Which they are… A great hardcore band… Just with the same issue of poor visuals.

In summation; I love this band and it’s the best new hardcore I’ve heard in aaages. I’d love to see this genre resurface and bands like this are what is going to make that happen. Thanks Kublai Khan TX… xoxo….

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