Dee Dee Ramone’s Rap Career

Hey yeah so Dee Dee Ramone had a brief rap career.

I know what you’re thinking; “Nice, I bet it was all Beastie Boys style goodness.. New York hip hop with a lil’ punk rock energy peppered in.” Well slow your role buddy.. You need to remember that in 1989 when Dee Dee left The Ramones he only had two brain cells to rub together… And one of those little cunts wanted to write a rap album.

God damn those aesthetics are good though right?.. The album cover looks cool as polar bear balls and promises sexy results.

Now… Before you watch the Dee Dee King ‘Funky Man’ video below let me preface this by saying that I WANTED IT TO BE GOOD and Dee Dee had just as much business, if not more, than any other white boy entering the rap game.

He was surrounded by Hip Hop culture in New York and identified with the mentality. It was all underground culture wether it be punk, hardcore or rap music. There wasn’t any racial segregation based on genre. Particularly within punk rock crowds.

“When Schoolly D came out with ‘It’s Gucci Time’ I understood that, it’s rising above oppression y’know. A Negro being able to buy a Gucci watch great y’know I’m a Negro too. I felt the same excitement when I could buy a Gucci watch and spend a lot of money… Like an outlaw”

Dee Dee Ramone

Ref: Schoolly D ‘It’s Gucci Time’

Dee Dee’s uncomfortably liberal use of the word “Negro” aside…

Now I’m not enjoying this anymore than you are but if my delusions of Ramones member grandeur is going down I’m taking you all down with me so let’s just get through this.

Introducing ‘Funky Man’ by Dee Dee King…

So in summation for all the dumb dummies that think I’m just being a Dee Dee hater and need me to say this:

The Ramones = Good duh

Dee Dee Ramone = Good of course!

Dee Dee’s Rap Career = Not so good but that’s okay too.

All love and respect to Dee Dee (RIP) and thank you for everything you did for the progression of all music you fucking lord 1000 x

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